Technical Specifications


The specifications below are offered as a guideline for our products. Adoore Iron Designs specialises in custom orders therefore it is also possible to modify some specification to match our customers’ needs. 

Our doors are made using 12 gauge steel (2.06mm) construction which is thicker than the 14 gauge (1.63mm) or 16 gauge (1.29mm) commonly used by other manufacturers and mostly with solid iron bars of 16mm square. 

Door and Jamb thicknesses are 50mm, (many other doors are 40mm) This gives a much more substantial feel and appearance.

Total weight depends on dimensions and ironwork design. For example, a pre-hung single door 920 x 2140mm could easily weigh 150 kilos. 

Highest density Polyurethane foam injected insulation, full door jamb, and door panels for super insulation with weather seal included for all entry units. 

All entry units regardless of size come with the toughest commercial hinge of the lot, Heavy Duty ball bearing hinge with grease nipple. All our hinges now come with life time warranty.

The glass area has a hinged frame that opens to the inside of the house. Equipped with 18mm insulating toughened glass, frosted glass or rippled glass.

The lock hole will be prepared, flush bolt and glass latches will be assembled.
Pre-drilled installation tabs are welded perpendicular to the jamb. 

Flush bolts are provided for all inactive door sections on entry double doors.

A CAD drawing of the unit would be provided for customer’s approval prior to production.