Product Specifications

An Adoore iron door will definitely make your home the envy of your neighborhood. When choosing an Adoore Iron Door, you can rest assured knowing you are investing in the highest quality iron doors available on the market today. 

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Opening Glass Panels

All of our iron doors come with operable and individually hinged tempered dual glaze Low-E glass panels that open independently from the doors for ventilation, security and convenient cleaning.

Magnetised Stainless Steel Fly-Screens

All of our iron doors come with custom made black coated stainless steel magnetic fly-screens for easy removal when not in use.

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wrought iron door melbourne

Go Green with Polyurethane Foam

Our doors are insulated with a polyurethane foam core that has been energy qualified.  Polyurethane foam core will add rust resistance and noise reduction and is an increadable insulator. 

Adoore’s  Polyurethane foam doors will help you build your dream energy efficient home.

Energy Efficient Insulated Dual Pane Glass

Our energy efficient doors are built to avoid air conditioning leaks in the summertime and heat in the winter. Our entire range of iron doors feature 18mm dual pane tempered insulated glass. The dual sealing around the glass allows for weather stripping on both sides of the glass. At Adoore we don't cut corners even when it comes to sustainability. We choose the best glass available so that most of the sun's energy that reaches the glass will either be reflected back to the environment, or absorbed with our Low-E glass. Adoore’s iron doors are thermally broken using glazing tape or caulking between the glass. This is a factor of low thermal transmission that lessens the flow of thermal energy. Our iron doors ensure that the interior temperature of your home will be 20° cooler with a thermal break than it would be with doors that are not thermally broken, even when receiving direct sunlight.

wrought iron door melbourne

wrought iron door melbourne

Significantly Reduce Air Infiltration And Water Penetration

The dual sealing around the glass allows for weather stripping on both sides of the glass. The tight seal around the door frame reduces the leakage of air and heat, resulting in a much more energy efficient product for our customers.  

One of a Kind Custom Paint Finish

Our exclusive seven step coating system includes sand blasting. All our iron doors to take all of the rough spots down to bare metal, highly rust resistant galvanizing applications, one of a kind drying treatments, multiple quality primer coating applications to insure that our customers get this best paint finish possible, and excellent custom paint finishes that promises lasting beauty and durability.

Oil Rubbed 10% Bronze is a very stunning finish that accentuates the style and sophistication of the iron doors. It is popular among highly decorative designs but is also great for simpler looks. This option offers a salient contract especially in homes that has a lot of bright, natural light. This colour was custom-made especially for Adoore’s Iron Doors and the mixture is one of a kind.

wrought iron door melbourne

wrought iron door melbourne

Quality Thresholds

At Adoore we take sustainability seriously. Our threshold helps keep the door square in the opening and provides greater protection against water infiltration.

It's As Simple As It Sounds

We are not only committed to providing the best quality product. We are also fully dedicated to creating an ordering process that is simple, stress-free and enjoyable every step of the way. Our role does not only include selling high quality iron doors. We are also here to give our clients a hand when it comes to the information they need to order their luxury iron doors, including measurements and pre-drilled holes to make the installation process as easy as possible. We have gone the extra mile to help our clients place the correct order by measuring their space accurately and including pre-drilled holes for the handles, locks and door frame.

wrought iron door melbourne

wrought iron door melbourne

Creating First Impressions that Last

Every weld is polished smooth! With forty years of experience in the wrought iron industry, the company founders created Adoore to focus on their passion for iron doors and create an accessible and affordable path to getting luxury iron doors without any complexities.

Powerful Hinges

All the iron doors come with heavy duty grease nipped ball bearing hinges. The hinges allow customers to comfortably open their iron doors.

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wrought iron door melbourne

Flush Bolt System

All our double doors include quality pre-installed flush bolt system on the top and bottom that locks in the dormant door. This allows customers to use one side of the double door on a daily basis and the option to unlock the other side of the door for greater open space.

Carefully Packaged and Secured

The process is as simple as it is seamless. Adoore create the highest quality wrought iron in a variety of styles. You choose the right design for your home and taste, and before you know it you're new iron doors are on their way to you. Our doors are wrapped in foam, covered in cardboard, trunk wrapped and shipped with style from Melbourne. We guarantee a beautiful custom finis on your wrought iron designs and ensure they will arrive to you without any scratches, dings or damages.

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