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Custom Made Melbourne Wrought Iron Doors

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Wrought Iron

Adoore Iron Designs welcomes you into the world of hand-forged wrought iron. Our mission is to offer you the highest quality craftsmanship while nurturing the unique traditions of our craft.

A beautiful home deserves a beautiful door as its focal point. It sets the tone for the entire house and establishes a feeling of warmth, style, and elegance. This important first impression should be entrusted to a durable door of only the highest quality. At Adoore Iron Designs we offer an extensive selection of doors, sidelights, and transoms... and all represent excellent value.

Offering hundreds of door and glass combinations; whether it’s Full Wrought Iron Doors or Solid Wood Doors with Wrought Iron Panels we can ensure that your home will have that "special touch and personality."

wrought iron door australia
wrought iron door australia
wrought iron door australia

World Class Designs 

Decorative entry doors are the latest trend in luxury home construction, when it’s time to frame an entryway to make a breathtaking first impression, Adoore can provide you with the one-of-a-kind products that will capture the attention of everyone. 

Our craftsmen have been hand forging custom designed ornamental doors based on the unique vision and specifications of homeowners, designers and architects. 

 Adoore’s classic and contemporary designs can be custom made to fit any entryway or space no matter how tall or wide. The finest in Melbourne wrought iron.


Solid Wood & Wrought Iron Doors

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"Uncompromising Quality"

Wrought Iron Gates

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Custom Made

You’ll notice thoughtful details like custom made door handles that coordinate beautifully with the style and color of each door and a variety of glass panel options for optimum light combined with privacy. All of our iron doors allow plenty of natural light into your home with full or partial opening glass panels.

You’ll notice our photo’s highlight the rich variation of glass available for your Full Wrought Iron or Wood and Wrought Iron doors, from highly textured rain glass to the muted light of our frosted glass.

 With Adoore, you have the advantage of working one-on-one with experienced sales representatives and staff designers to create your own custom wrought iron door design.

wrought iron door australia
wrought iron door australia
wrought iron door australia

Melbourne's Homes


There is no denying the aesthetics of a well-designed entrance way, take a fresh look at the selection we’ve put together to give you inspiration and help you choose the door that’s right for your home.

We also offer specialised security doors that incorporate flywire in our wrought iron design for maximum safety.

To enquire about creating your very own wrought iron front entry door, contact Adoore Iron Designs for an appointment at our Melbourne showroom, located in Brunswick.