Lina Wood & Iron Door

Adoore Design has a timeless elegance; with sleek vertical bars that end in iron scroll work and a solid wood frame for the door. Having a glass panel, the Fondi allows light into your home without compromising on the security and safety of your family.

Adoore Iron Doors makes all doors to your own exact specifications

Adoore designs all the decorative features on your own personalised door and then we have them Manufactured to your own specifications, all doors come with an opening glass panel and magnetic flyscreen meticulously hand forged and finished, designed just for you.

We cater to residential home-owners, small businesses and large commercial projects with the attention to detail that only a family owned business can provide.

All our doors and products are customized to meet your structural and aesthetic specifications.


If you are looking for stylish wood doors with wrought iron inserts to give your home a bolder look, then you have certainly come to the right place! Adoore Iron Designs is one of the few companies that provide fully customised Solid wood doors with wrought iron inserts of the highest quality.

All of our designs are completely unique and handcrafted by our talented team here at Adoore. . Our beautifully designed Wood and Wrought Iron Doors are available in hundreds of uniquely hand-crafted designs, which are a result of the stunning creativity of the team here at Adoore.

So you can simply select the design you prefer from our vast collection of doors with wrought iron grills or if you like, we can also create a totally original door design for you on request and at no extra charge!

We can assure you that each product we offer is created using only the best quality of raw materials, like solid Tasmanian Oak for the entrance doors combined with hand-forged wrought iron inserts that are made to last. Here are some of the other features of our Solid Wood and Wrought Iron doors;

The doors with wrought iron which we provide have fixed flyscreens.
They also have a back panel with laminated glass that opens up, so they turn into security doors.
We guarantee that all our products are fully hand-made with unique designs.
So browse through our immense collection of customised doors with wrought iron designs below and if you find anything you like, then you can contact us on 03 9001 0805 for a free quote. You can even call us if you have some queries on any of the products being offered.


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Technical Specifications for Glass

  • 18mm glass panel for maximum energy conservation (assists to prevent heat loss in winter and  keeping air cooler inside in summer
  • Tempered for safety (breaks safely to prevent injury in the event of an accident, safest glass for use in  the presence of pets and children
  • Properly professionally sealed to keep water away (no leaking water seeping through seals that can cause problems with dampness or damage to the metal surfaces of your door

Click here to see more glass type details and images

The specifications below are presented as a guideline for our products. Adoore Iron Designs specializes in custom orders therefore it is possible to modify some specifications to match your needs.
Features found on your wrought iron entry door include:

  • Solid 12 gauge steel construction is thicker (than the common 14-16 gauge used by other manufacturers), offering great security and durability for your home or building.
  • 150mm door and jamb thickness is used for Adoore Iron Designs doors (many others only offer 125mm thickness), this makes your door feel more substantial and solid.
  • 5/8″ solid steel scroll work throughout provides added strength to the structure of your door so it won’t buckle.
  • The total weight of your door depends on the dimensions and iron work design we make for you. For example, a pre-hung single door that measures 920mm wide by 2140mm tall can easily weigh 150 kilograms. That means you need a sturdy frame, which you get included with every Adoore Iron Designs door.
  • Comes pre-hung on a balanced, customizable 2″-wide door jamb with barrel hinges and easy lubrication grease fittings to prevent squeaking and allow for easy movement.
  • Doors are sprayed with hot zinc for rust prevention for long lasting low/no maintenance.
  • Built with mortised, easily adjustable strike plates for a consistent smooth opening and close – not just when new but years from now.
  • Flush bolts are used for all inactive doors on double entry doors.
  • Multi-layer finish includes a two-part, anticorrosive epoxy primer, highest-grade, baked-on automotive-quality paint and a final clear coat to ensure protection from the elements.
  • Fully-insulated with high density white polyurethane foam injected into the door sheet, jamb and window frame to stop leaks, gives you super insulation with weather seals included for all entry doors.
  • When glass is used in your design, Adoore Iron Designs uses insulated, hermetically sealed tempered glass for energy efficiency and safety – increased energy efficiency available with low E glass.
  • Glass areas can have a hinged frame that open to the inside, built into the structure of your door and uses 18mm insulating toughened glass in any of the glass options you see on this website.
  • Equipped with grooved kerf weather stripping around the door and glass frames so water and the elements can’t leak in.
  • Integral Drop seal on the underside of the door, sealing door completely.
  • A 15 degree slope at the sill prevents leakage, standing water and paint deterioration for a low/no maintenance finish.
  • Lock holes are prepared, flush bolts and glass latches are assembled as part of the delivery and installation process. Adoore Iron Designs can also fit handles and lock sets for an additional charge so that you get a complete service.
  • To aid builders, pre-drilled installation tabs are welded perpendicular to the door jamb.
  • Prior to manufacture you receive a copy of the CAD drawing of your door design so that you can confirm the measurements for your construction or give them to your architect or builder.
  • All Adoore Iron Designs door features are backed by our industry-leading 10 year warranty.

Solid Wood & Wrought Iron doors are:

  • Damage Resistant – No more worries about white ants or termites, pets clawing, gouging and scratching your doors or water damage from flooding or stormy weather.
  • Low Maintenance – Forget wasting your weekends repairing, sanding, patching and painting your entry doors every year, or having to find a reliable handy-man to do it for you.
  • Strong & Secure – Stop intruders in their tracks. These solid wrought iron doors can’t be kicked in or levered out of their frames.

These doors combine the beauty of natural products with the strength and security of wrought iron.

The warmth of wood and the strength of wrought iron are used to combine a distinctive quality. These entry doors generate some of the most intriguing and inviting entryways. We offer beautiful, handcrafted decorative wrought iron grills with glass panels in many sizes and designs – all of which incorporate insulated glass.
We use only solid wood timber so when purchasing from us you will never have to worry if you door is made from paste boards or veneers. There are no engineered cores or faux materials we will ever use. We use the only the finest solid woods available.
Let us help you select the front door that will enhance the architectural integrity of you home and reflect your own good taste. Call us or alternatively email us today for a free, no obligation estimate without the heavy sales pitch. We promise sound professional advice.