Product Description

Adoore presents our new line of Iron Doors.

Each door is made to order and built to your exact specifications, offering you virtually unlimited capacity to create custom designs. We work closely with homeowners, builders, designers and architects to ensure versatility and precision. Our services include designing, manufacturing and the installation of world class Wrought Iron Doors.

You’ll notice thoughtful details like custom made door handles that coordinate beautifully with the style and color of each door and a variety of glass panel options for optimum light combined with privacy.

Adoore Wrought Iron doors provide you with timeless design that is functional and attractive. Wrought iron doors are practical and low maintenance, offering outstanding security and durability.


Adoore presents our new line of sleek, modern entries and iron doors.

If you desire something different in an iron door, take a fresh look at our modern collection of Iron Doors.  Since our inception, we’ve continuously driven ourselves to provide the very best product possible for you the consumer.  Regardless of whether you’re a builder, designer, architect or house proprietor.

Clear sharp strains need superior craftsmanship, featuring strong, clean lines and attractive minimalist detailing each door is a modern work of art designed to complement ultra-contemporary homes and modern lifestyles.

allowing you to incorporate a harmonious design element throughout your home.

Technical Specifications for Glass

  • 18mm glass panel for maximum energy conservation (assists to prevent heat loss in winter and  keeping air cooler inside in summer
  • Tempered for safety (breaks safely to prevent injury in the event of an accident, safest glass for use in  the presence of pets and children
  • Properly professionally sealed to keep water away (no leaking water seeping through seals that can cause problems with dampness or damage to the metal surfaces of your door

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