Adro Wrought Iron Door

 Simple, powerful and elegant. The Adro iron door capture the essence of a fine Mediterranean design

Adoore Iron Doors makes all doors to your own exact specifications

Adoore designs all the decorative features on your own personalised door and then we have them Manufactured to your own specifications, all doors come with an opening glass panel and magnetic flyscreen meticulously hand forged and finished, designed just for you.

We cater to residential home-owners, small businesses and large commercial projects with the attention to detail that only a family owned business can provide.

All our doors and products are customized to meet your structural and aesthetic specifications.


Product Description

Custom Design Wrought Iron Entry Doors

Our commitment to your security has lead us to design and produce the highest quality Adro wrought iron door on the market, you can start by selecting one of the designs on display in the Adoore Iron Designs website, or draw your own individual design.
Choose the design configuration options for Door Shape, Glass, Iron Colour & Door Hardware to create a door that is perfect for you.
Since all Adoore Iron Designs products are 100% custom hand-forged, we can modify any of our copyrighted designs or help you create a new and unique wrought iron door.
Contact one of our design specialists for assistance with your distinctive one-of-a-kind entry door design.

We also offer specialised security doors that incorporate high grade stainless steel mesh within our wrought iron design for maximum safety.

To enquire about creating your very own wrought iron front entry door, contact ADOORE on (03) 9646 6101 or fill in our enquiry form on our contact us page.

Adoore Iron Doors – The winning Combination of Beauty and Durability.


Technical Specifications for Glass

  • 18mm glass panel for maximum energy conservation (assists to prevent heat loss in winter and  keeping air cooler inside in summer
  • Tempered for safety (breaks safely to prevent injury in the event of an accident, safest glass for use in  the presence of pets and children
  • Properly professionally sealed to keep water away (no leaking water seeping through seals that can cause problems with dampness or damage to the metal surfaces of your door

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