At Adoore Designs we pay attention to every detail of your door to ensure that you get the highest quality door that not only gives your home the best looking street appeal but will stand the test of time, so that your home looks fantastic for years to come.

In addition to providing on of Australia’s largest selections of Wood & Iron and Iron Doors, we give you even more choice with glass options. So that the style of glass that accompanies your Adoore Iron Door completes your beautiful new décor.

All our Wrought Iron Doors come with toughened insulated glass – clear, frosted, rippled or any of the many other glass options in our showroom are included with each hand-crafted door for maximum energy conservation.

Here are our 5 most popular glass options – there are many more on display in our showroom. If you’re unable to visit the showroom, please call (03) 9001 0805 and speak to one of our helpful staff who will help you over the phone and can send to you a selection of photographs of other glass options that may be a better design choice for your situation.
Technical Specifications for Glass

18mm glass panel for maximum energy conservation (assists to prevent heat loss in winter and keeping air cooler inside in summer
Tempered for safety (breaks safely to prevent injury in the event of an accident, safest glass for use in the presence of pets and children
Properly professionally sealed to keep water away (no leaking water seeping through seals that can cause problems with dampness or damage to the metal surfaces of your door
Below is a sample of our glass options:

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